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Award-winning Cleaning Services For All Of Your Household Items, Clothes & Beyond!

Hangers Cleaners is locally owned and has been offering a full array of services to the Kansas City area since 2004. We offer award-winning dry cleaning using the most eco-friendly and effective methods on the market today and we also offer things like shirt laundry, wash & fold laundry, alterations, suede and leather cleaning, wedding dress cleaning and preservation, shoe cleaning & shining, and many other services, too. Just ask!

Dry Cleaning

All dry cleaning is done using the most environmentally friendly and effective methods available. Gentle? Yes. Effective? You bet. But the real question: how much is it? Here are a few of our prices. If you have something not on the list, we are happy to give you the cost over the phone at 816-941-2262 or via email contactus@hangerskc.com. There may be additional upcharges for certain items (silk, linen, velvet, beading/sequins, pleats, lining, excessive hair removal, etc.)

In addition to dry cleaning, Hangers is one of the only cleaners in the area to use a “wet cleaning” process that harnesses the powerful cleaning properties of the universal solvent known as water. It’s essentially dry cleaning in water. Most don’t know (and most cleaners won’t tell you!) that the majority of stains are more effectively removed with water vs dry cleaning fluids.

Shirt $8.95
Blouse $8.95
Pants $8.95
Sport Coat/Blazer $9.95
Sweater $9.45
Skirt $9.95
Basic Dress $19.95
Tie/Bowtie $10.95
Orders Ready at Plant

Shirt Laundry/Laundered Pants

From no starch to "cowboy" starch...we use only the latest equipment (and we replace buttons for free!)

Shirt $3.50
Blouse $8.95
Golf Shirt/Polo $6.95
Pants $8.95

People often ask "what can i get done for $3.50?" Generally, any shirt that buttons down the front, is cotton or cotton/poly and is the equivalent of a woman's size 18 or larger.
If the shirt has any of the following features it is not able to be done at the lower shirt laundry price:

  • Snaps
  • Painted fabric
  • Elastic or other stretch fabric
  • Silk, velvet or embroidered trim
  • Velcro
  • Delicate or unusual buttons
  • Lace
  • Ruffles

Wash & Fold Laundry

For this service, we use our orange bags instead of our typical blue one. We also charge by the pound rather than per piece. This type of washing is perfect for items that just need to be washed but not pressed such as the following:

  • Sheets
  • Socks
  • Sweatshirts
  • Towels
  • T-Shirts
  • Undies

We sort your garments by color and type, using quality materials as well as our ultra-powerful, “patented” skid mark remover for tough underwear stains. Once they’re fresh and clean, we then proceed to folding and packaging your items so they can safely be delivered to your place or one of our stores. This service is $1.75 per pound with a 12-pound minimum.

Wash & Fold Orders

Wash & Fold FAQs

Answer: $1.75 per pound

Answer: Yes. There is a 12-pound minimum.

Answer: You need an orange bag. We use blue bags for items that are charged per piece, so if you put a skanky pair of undies in the blue bag, we'll clean them, press them, and put them on a hanger for you. However, we recommend doing the sorting for us!

Answer: No. We're banking on you doing it for us. You know where the secret spots are.

Answer: No, that was an exaggeration.

Answer: No. That's what the blue bag service is for. You are welcome to put things on hangers when they get back home to you.

Answer: Like this...

Answer: Yes.

Yes, but we apply a $20 up-charge on each comforter to compensate for the additional drying time. Also, be aware that all comforters in Wash & Fold bags will be laundered, so if you have a dry-clean-only comforter, do not put it in your Wash & Fold bag. No arbitrage on our watch!

Answer: No. Unfortunately, we can't do this at the per-pound rate. However, we can handle requests like that on our dry cleaning or blue bag side of the business.

Answer: Washington. Boom...be sure to tip your waiter!

Special Cleaning Services

fold towels

Household Items

The age-old dilemma: the comforter won’t fit in your washing machine. Go to the laundromat (and possibly be seen by your friends or family – oh no!) or just send to Hangers? You know the correct answer.

Comforter (Any Size) $39.95
Bedspread/Blanket $22.95
Sheet (Fitted or Flat) $13.95
Pillow Case $3.45
Pillow Sham $7.95
Dust Ruffle/Bed Skirt $31.45
Throw Blanket $22.95
brown leather

Leather and Suede

From coats to buttless chaps (as if there’s any other kind), we clean most items in-house, but we also tap into our experts from one of the country's best leather and suede cleaners if your item requires special care.


Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation

Special clothing such as wedding dresses takes time and effort to clean and preserve. For this service, we replace our regular oxygen with nitrogen to prevent yellowing over time. We would like to remind our valued customers, however, that this is a meticulous procedure that may take up to 6 weeks to complete.

Clean and Press $265 and Up
Clean, Press, and Preserve $315 and Up


Hangers has Kansas City’s two best seamstresses – one at our store on the Plaza (4970 Main Street/816.531.6240) and one at our store in Lee's Summit (Raintree Shopping Center/816.744.2006). Service schedules and fees will vary depending on the difficulty of the order as well as the rates and hours of our seamstresses. You can check the following for price estimates:

Hem Repair $15.00+
Seam Repair $5.00+
Shorten/Lengthen Sleeves $15.00+
Take In/Let Out Hips $20.00+
Turn Collar $20.00
Zipper Replacement $20.00+

Best-in-Town Seamstresses

Jossie Prinsloo
Jossie has a reputation for being one the finest seamstresses in all of Kansas City! She has a really cool accent and works out of our Lee's Summit store. She also does private fittings at other locations, including our main location in Martin City.

Cindy Hilt
Cindy operates out of our Plaza store (4970 Main Street) and also does incredible work. Cindy came to us from Swyden Cleaners, where she had a loyal following and did some amazing work. Cindy is loaded with personality and will make you feel like her best friend in a matter of minutes!

Hangers Express

Experience the benefits of having your clothes and garments cleaned and packaged exactly the way you like them…without having to interact with anyone! Our Hangers Express service comes with a personalized Hangers Express bag and allows you to drop off your bag and pick up your clean clothes while barely slowing down!


Convenient Automatic Payment

Get safe and swift payment processing on top of our quality laundry services! Simply leave your credit or debit card information with us, and you’ll be all set for a stress-free transactions.

Easy Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Our express service also gives you full access to the 24-hour drop boxes we have at our company-owned locations. This way, you can use us at any time on any day and no longer need to wait for our staff or complete your payment details to be confirmed!

How Can We Help?

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Contact Information:
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